2 February 2014

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Time: 17:28, Sunday, 2 February 2014

 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
Week IV of The Four-Week Psalter.
Presentation of the Lord (Gold)

 Weather at 17h05EST -3°C (Wind chill: -8) Partly cloudy
Pulse: 54bpm. Weight: 61.2Kg

Sunday is always a miracle, a festival, a party and a lesson. Today seemed especially so.

While having breakfast and getting ready to leave for Mass, I took a look at Facebook and WordPress. The feedback to my recent posts was very positive and encouraging. The reassurance was most welcome because I’d been having some serious collywobbles; guilt and insecurity. I’m blest to have such friends, particularly  since they are forgiving and clever and therefore they are my patient  teachers too. They are all so sensitive and understanding.

Today is February 2nd so it is Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday. That’s great and I’m about to listen to the Super Bowl (“Go Seahawks!”) on TSN (1050 AM).

 More importantly though it is the Feast of The Presentation of the Lord, which used to be called Candlemas. Since it is a Feast of Jesus, it can be celebrated on a Sunday because Sunday is also a Feast of Jesus. (A Feast of a saint would be bumped by a Sunday.)

I got downtown early today, having learned from last week that Vincent gets there  very early and I didn’t want to inconvenience him the way that I did last week. I was so early in fact that I popped into the little Starbucks and had a Caffe Misto with a ginger cookie. Mustn’t make that a habit. Those few dollars would add up if they were weekly and I’m enjoying being on a savings drive.

Anyway, when I got to the cathedral the 10 am Mass had ended and the cathedral was nearly empty except that Vincent was talking with a couple of women. It seems that they were new to St. Mike’s and he was doing everything possible to welcome them and advise them. That’s so typical of Vincent. Another lady, a regular in the pew behind ours, and I were chuckling that he should be on the payroll. If there was some formal ministry for all the encouragement he gives and the example that he sets then he should be the head of it. Laughing I took my neck scarf and moved to drape it around his neck like a priest’s stole.

The Mass itself was superb as usual, in every way, including spiritually of course, but the music from the organ and choir was truly magnificent. I do hope most of the congregation realise what a high quality concert they are receiving, and participating in. (My soprano singing voice is improving, thanks be to God. In fact it’s getting quite strong and loud. Range is a bit limited, though, and it tires quite quickly.)

The postlude, played superbly (of course) by Bill was a surprise.  It was a South African composition, “Siyahamba” (We are marching in the light of God). I couldn’t help dancing a little bit.

Then I sat and guarded Vincent’s coat and briefcase while he dashed about chatting, arranging and advising various people. He’s not young  (older than me) and it’s good to see that he’s full of health and energy. He should pace himself, though. He does have a heart issue.

Before we left, each going our separate ways, he quietly and shyly mentioned something about a special event including a Mass for the St, Michael’s choir boys and then mentioned  something about,  “ . . . if you could be there . . .I’ll be attending . . ”. I got the drift, shy man that he is. And so said quietly, “Am I to take this as an invitation?” “Yes”, he mumbled. So course I said  that I’d be happy to be there with him, as I will, and I’m pleased and honoured. Just as I said that I’d be there for him when he’s “on parade” at the D-Day ceremonies in June. He’s so sweet and caring.

What a day! On the way home, I dropped into Tim Hortons for a soup, bagel and tea. I’d been worrying about homeless Evelyn and lo and behold who walks in but Evelyn! Before leaving of course I checked how she was and, actually, strangely, she shows every sign of thriving!? We didn’t repeat our  previous conversation. We  each know that my advice would literally bring her in from the cold. But she will not do it and whether or not her decision is sane is moot. It is what it is. But I couldn’t help telling her that she looked and sounded so good under any circumstances that maybe her path was one that had been chosen by God to be hers right now. She said, as she always does, that the solution to her situation is imminent. I think she’s clinically deluded, but even so maybe there’s a much higher wisdom at work.

Amazing day!

Now it’s time for pizza and NFL football. The Super Bowl and there’s already been a score. My pizza is going to be an Indian “pizza”, a “Tandoor Chef” spinach and paneer cheese on naan bread bought at The Health Shoppe down the road. There’s a whole range of toppings (e.g. eggplant) and they’re cheap, delicious, vegetarian and healthy.

(Cf. Psalm 47.10-11) Your merciful love, O God, we have received in the midst of your temple. Your praise, O God, like your name, reaches the ends of the earth: your right hand is filled with saving justice.


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